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Facial Services

All facial treatments are customized

Ultimate Glow & Dermaplane Facial Combo

90mins, $150 (reg. $165)

This treatment combines the best of both worlds to address skin concerns such as aging, hyperpigmentation, congestion and dullness. This includes a 4-step peel, dermaplaning, extractions, neck & shoulder massage, HydroJelly mask & LED light therapy.

Microneedling Facial 

90mins, $175

This treatment is designed to rejuvenate the skin by improving the appearance of large pores, scarring, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. Your first treatment will include a complimentary home care package.

Include HydroJelly Mask: $190

Ultimate Glow Facial

60mins, $110

This 4-step peel treatment is designed to bring about radiant skin health by infusing the power of Oxygen into the tissues. Combined with skin-softening enzymes and the brightening power of Lactic Acid, the skin will be left smoother, even and brighter!  Includes the use of Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber and LED Light Therapy.

Advanced Acne Facial

60-75mins, $105

This facial treatment is designed for skins suffering from active, inflamed Acne. With the benefits of Oxygen, Enzymes, Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid and healing botanicals, your skin will be left balanced, calmer and clearer. Includes the use of Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber and LED Light Therapy.

Dermaplane Facial

60mins, $125

This facial treatment removes the outermost layer of  dead skin  cells and peach  fuzz. Resulting in smoother, even and radiant skin. Includes HydroJelly Mask and LED Light Therapy.

All appointments are subject to a 48 hour cancellation policy.